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Tire Changer ATC-5733



  • Equipped with a helper arm, turbo blast and a three-point tire push system with independent and fast assembling column structure, allows for excellent performance. 

  • Pneumatic controlled tilt back system provides more space and convenience for tire demount/mount. 

  • Mpa high pressure resistance water and oil filter

  • Three-point tire push system will work easier and more efficiently for different tire changes. 

  • Aluminum alloy 186mm cylinder with long service life drives a more powerful bead breaker. 

  • Demount bird head design is suitable for flat tires change without damaging rim or wheel

  • High power motor with low noise improved the working efficiency significantly 

  • All bead breaker parts embedded with plastic covers to protect the wheel/rim from damaging while sliding. 

  • Double-wear resist scribing makes wheel clamps move more fluently. The limited block avoids scratching wheels and can fix the position for tires on the wheel clamps automatically. 

Tire Changer ATC-5733

  • Specifications



    Outer rim


    Inner rim


    Maximum tire diameter


    Maximum tire width


    Pressing force (10bar)

    5510lbs. (2500kg)

    Operating air pressure


    Maximum charge pressure


    Power supply voltage

    120V 1ph/220V 3ph

    Motor power


    Outline dimension

    Crate1: 45"x41"x36" (1130x1020x900mm)

    Ctn.2: 50"x 21"x 17"(1270x530x420mm)

    Net weight

    749 lbs. (340kg)

    Working state noise


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