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Dual Arms Tire Changer ATC-8823


Equipped with universal bead breaker blade and turbo blast is suitable for rim diameter 10 ~ 24. Internal clamping capacity can be extended to 26. One time forming technique will ensure movable clamping jaw deform resistant and durable.



  • The 186-steel cylinder that operates the blade makes the pressure of the bead breaker more powerful. It also works and lasts a very long time. (over 600 thousand times of use)
  • Turbo blast pipe direct connect design bring more inflating power
  • The swing arm connected on the column can both pull and push the tires; it is easier and comfortable to use than traditional machines.
  • The swing arm fixed on the rod is safe and avoid cylinder explosion
  • The shape, the angle, the material and the structure of the working head makes it exceptionally easier to change the run-flat tires without damaging the wheels or rims.
  • High power motor with low noise improved the working efficiency significantly
  • The bead breaker, the claws, the working head and the crowbar are all equipped with embedded plastic covers, protecting the rim from damaging and sliding.

Tire Changer Spec ATC-8823

  • Specifications



    Outer rim

    12~ 24

    Inner rim

    14~ 26

    Maximum tire diameter


    Maximum tire width


    Pressing force (10bar)

    5510 lbs. (2500kg)

    Operating air pressure


    Maximum charge pressure