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Leverless Center Post Tire Changer ATC-T6


Fully Automatic Tire Changer


  • Electric power system turns off automatically when operation is stopped. It is safe, stable, and has a high working rate while being energy efficient.
  • Two switches control the central column; up and down, working head forward and backward, disc wheel up and down, and disc wheel forward and backward which makes machine easy and comfortable to control.
  • Central column integration 2.0. Hydraulic system makes it more stable, easier to control and creates a higher working rate. Double disc wheel can both lift and press tires. Automatic operation avoids touching or controlling tires by hand.
  • Central column integration 2.0 ensures a longer service life
  • Simple structured tire lifting system, stable, easy operation and a high working rate allows you to work together with machine.
  • Power hydraulic system works together with electric system, provides much longer service life and a more stable quality than pneumatic system.

Tire Changer ATC-T6

  • Specifications



    Rim Diameter

    12~ 30

    Maximum Tire Diameter


    Maximum Wheel Width

    3~ 16

    Operating Air Pressure

    10bar~ 13bar

    Maximum Charge Pressure



    110v 1ph

    Hydraulic Motor

    3.0kw (***Motor 4.0HP***)

    Max Flow of Oil for Hydraulic Motor


    Noise Level


    Net Weight

    635 lbs. (288kg)

    Shipping Weight

    701 lbs. (318kg)

    Shipping Dimension



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